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Dr Prem and his associates based in 35 countries are world leaders in Medical Tourism Services. Should you require any kind of Medical Tourism Support or Services just trust Dr Prem and Associates. Dr Prem has consulted in more than 45 countries, he has travelled to 65 countries, He has over 150 international clients with half a million social followers.


Personalized, tailored and comprehensive consultancy services are available based on individual requirements. Please contact Dr Prem Jagyasi for more details.

Medical tourism marketing consultancy

Comprehensive Medical Tourism Marketing Planning. Agency will provide strategic marketing plan based on service offering, current trends, destination trends, strategic branding and strategic positioning.

Medical tourism marketing consultancy

  • Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Marketing Mix Opportunities
  • Target Marekt Identification and Stragies
  • Online Marketing Strategies

Target market strategies in medical tourism

Dr Prem and Associates with partners based in 40+ countries understand medical tourism target market (Patient market) like no other. Our exceptional understanding of various target markets helps us to create penetration strategies that provide result oriented marketing solutions.

Target market strategies in medical tourism

Identification of target markets based on:
  • Offering of Hospitals
  • Price structure
  • Service availability
  • Connections
  • Visa and Emigrations
  • Existing tourism trends

Relationship management, Introductions and networking services

Agnecy will provide introduction and business relationship management services with established and top performing facilitators, referring physicians, referring centers (clinic and hospitals), health insurance companies, corporate buyers among many other.

Relationship management, Introductions and networking services

Guaranteed Relationship with
  • Performing Facilitators
  • Referring physicians
  • Referring Clinics and Hospitals
  • Health Insurance Companies
  • Corporate Buyers
  • NGO, Patient Investment Companies

Revenue stream from international business

Agency will assist client in generating revenues from international patients, mainly through identifying opportunoties and creating value added services which delivers more profit to hospitals.

Revenue stream from international business

Identification of various revenue sources:
  • Clients Medical Services with Value Added and Enhanced Medical Services
  • Interpreter and Assist Services
  • Facilitation, Travel and Support Services
  • International Patient Department Services
  • Revenue through Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Services.

International patient department strategies

Agency will assist client to create international patient services, including teaching training about how to run international department, understanding of legal, ethical and cultural issues in international patient services.

International patient department strategies

  • To develop comprehensive international patient department services
  • Understanding needs, wants and demands of international patients
  • To conduct trainings at hospitals periodically to educate staff latest medical tourism trends
  • Comprehensive documentation support services with legal and ethical protection.
  • Case Studies

Public relation consultancy

Agency will develop a strategic PR Plan for Client advising about strategic activities to be carried out by client in order to achieve brand loyalty and brand recognition.

Public relation consultancy

  • To Introduction with International Media
  • Press Release Creation, Distribution & Management
  • Media Handling Training
  • Crisis Management Training
  • Introduction with International Medical Tourism Journalists

Customer service training

A customer service training will be carried qualified and certified professionals for clients key staff member at one location, this will includes motivational training, management training, dealing with difficult customers and delighting patient training

Customer service training

  • Dr Prem’s Signature Customer Service Training. Delivered in 25+ countries.
  • Understanding customer service for International patients
  • Employee Motivational Training
  • Lean Leadership Training for Senior Staff
  • Delighting Patient Training
  • Dealing with Difficult International Patients

Online and social media marketing

Agency will guide you to develop strategic online and social media marketing to develop international brand. Including identification of medical tourism related websites for backlink or PPC, medical tourism relevant media sites, groups and pages.

Online and social media marketing

  • Website Marketing Strategy for International Business
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Website Planning & Development
  • Web Enhancement & Web Development
  • Social Media Marketing Training
  • PPC (Pay Per Click Ads Guidance and Consultancy)

Event marketing and networking strategies

Dr Prem has travelled to 45+ countries to speak in over 150+ international conferences. Dr Prem is advisor and chairperson of many medical tourism conferences which will provide opportunities to our clients to get maximum networking benefits.

Event marketing and networking strategies

  • Creating road shows for Hospitals in Target Destinations like Africa, Middle East, CIS and Asia.
  • Creating speaking opportunities for hospital seniors
  • Special networking event creation with target market, hosted buyers and during various healthcare and tourism events.
  • Providing special discounts and services with associated event companies

Affordable Price

Medical Tourism Package

  • Understanding Medical Tourism Training
  • Medical Tourism Business Training
  • Sample Documents & Agreements
  • Strategic Digital Planning
  • Strategic Target Market Planning
  • Custom Made Business Plan
  • Brand Development & Planning
  • Business Logo creation
  • Stationary Design Creation
  • Website Domain Name Planning
  • Website On Page & Off Page Planning
  • Medical Tourism Legal Advise
  • Medical Tourism Funding Support & Planning
  • Medical Tourism Financial Planning
  • Medical Tourism Cultural Advise
  • Medical Tourism Ethical Advise
  • Medical Touirsm News Update
  • Medical Tourism Event Partcipation
  • Medical Tourism Camp Arrangement
  • Public Relationship & Crises Management Training
  • Press Release Writings
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Dedicated Workshop at Clients Location
  • Introduction with Hospitals/Clinic/Partner
  • Introductions with Facilitator / Physicians/ Clinics
  • Representative Office Planning in Other Country
  • Dedicated Representative
  • Certification Planning & Support
  • Agreement Service Period


  • $ 0 / Unlimited


Auto Starter

  • 2 Countries
  • Template
  • Selective
  • 30
  • 250
  • $ 1000 / 2 Months


Super Support

  • 5 Countries
  • 10 Pages
  • Designed
  • Basic
  • Most
  • Basic
  • (Without Projections)
  • 3
  • 50
  • 500
  • Half Day
  • $ 2000 / 3 Months


Ultimate Leadership

  • 10 Countries
  • 20 Pages
  • Custom
  • All
  • All
  • Complete
  • (With Projections)
  • 6
  • 100
  • 1000
  • Full Day
  • $ 3000 / 4 Months


Special team

Dr Prem Jagyasi

MD & CEO Dr Prem and Associates

Desh S.

JD Dr Prem and Associates

Bharat J

Co-Ordinator Dr Prem and Associates

Shoeb A


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Why Dr Prem & Associates’ Online Training Different?

Training programs are exclusive but user friendly. It is built on the world’s easiest learning management system to facilitate better learning advantage for the candidates. Although the system is simple, the training programs are comprehensive and include all aspects of the learning continuum.
The Program is provided in online format, east to finish at your convenience. Moreover Dr Prem & Associates will provide live sessions, giving you experience of personal training and coaching by world renowned expert.

The training programs are not just informative sessions but a thought provoking online training that promotes strategic thinking and practical problem solving. The sessions are interactive, informative and the candidates get access to a wide range of educational resources. Above all, the course participants get an opportunity to interact with Dr. Prem and his associates through their live sessions. This gives the participants an astounding experience and adds to their learning, which takes this Online Training to altogether a different level.

Online learning or e-learning is a transformation in the education industry. Whether it is academic curriculum involving education to children in different countries or whether it is corporate training programs, e-learning is the latest trend in education. It makes learning easier with up- gradation of knowledge and helps to keep pace with the most recent development in education system.

Online learning is an arrangement in which, the tutor and the students can be located at different geographical areas and still be able to access the same study course through the network by using their personal computers. With the latest technologies available, online learning courses can also be made available on the tabs and the smart phones. It uses the electronic way for delivering course lectures and taking examinations. It is simple for the users as online learning course appears like instructional videos and the course lectures can be taken from anywhere. Most of these are self paced learning programs and can be interestingly interactive also.

Online training is an innovative technology that has made training, learning and knowledge sharing easier as well as interesting. Not only the corporations and specialized trainers but also the school and universities have embraced this hi-tech system to bring about a change in the way education is imparted. Online training has proved to be beneficial in all the applied fields and has been appreciated by one and all. Some of the benefits of online training are as follows: 

Location – As in online training, the participants and the tutor can be positioned at distant places, the location of either of them does not affect the training. Most of the training sessions can be taken by students at their own convenience, interactive or group sessions can be successfully conducted by scheduling at a mutually agreed time. 

Fast and simple 
– Enrolling for the course, payment, getting access to the course material and beginning the online training can all be done quickly through the e-learning platform without any hassles. This saves the time and cost involved in the logistics and the time can be more effectively used in productive learning. 
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Consistent – Online training ensures unswerving training programs across countries, organizations and specified industries. The training programs are motivating and more consistent. They can be modified to suit the specific needs of the participants. 

Access to expertise – With the global approach of online training, it becomes easier for the participants to undertake professional training from the paramount trainers across the world, which otherwise would have seemed very difficult. 

Latest information – Online training helps the trainers to get the latest and most updated information. The common web based platform makes it easy for the trainers and the participants to gain access to online course material as well as other reference books. This reduces the cost of printing and makes it possible to store, share and study a huge gamut of educational resources. 

Online tracking and assessment – On completion of the training program, the examinations can also be taken online and this adds to the benefits of online training. 

Instant results and certification – Similar to the quick enrollment, the test results are also almost instantaneously available. The immediate training completion certification makes it easy for the participants to take up diverse roles without having to wait for any formalities

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